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about me

‘Professional’, ‘natural’, ‘warm’, Danijela is a gem among Toronto wedding photographers

Just moments as they are, unstaged, unrehearsed, raw and natural.

You in love, surrounded by love.

This is my focus on your wedding day.


I want to know you, and your love story!

top photo by Christine Lim, bottom a successful selfie

top photo by Christine Lim, bottom a successful selfie


about me


“We can build it in the basement” she said.  “I found a used enlarger in the newspaper that would be perfect”.  This was my sister trying to convince our dad to build us a darkroom in the basement of our high school home.

Of course, he didn’t need much convincing, as he’s always been interested in photography.  Between the two of them, I learned to be curious, to never stop learning, and to not give two hoots about what other people think. 

Hello!  I am Danijela.  With a silent J right in the middle of my name.

I am not your typical wedding photographer. 

  • I love a good party, but cherish quiet conversations in the middle of the buzz.
  • Dancing is my medicine.
  • There isn’t a food that I don’t like.  Not sure if that makes me a foodie or just gluttonous.
  • Like every Slavic person I know, my sense of humour is dark and ironic, but I keep it silly to balance things out.
  • Light and love get me so excited that it sometimes makes me swear.  Sorry mom!
  • I have a little boy who is currently really into snuggles and I hope this stage lasts forever.
  • My guy brings me gorgeous, local bouquets when I least expect it.  He’s good that way!
  • I am about people and mystery and magic.

What’s your story?  Let’s be friends!


Behold the wedding photographer in action (with special appearances by Niv Shimshon, a kind guest, and my wonderful clients).  Thank you Niv and Becca Gilgan for capturing the devotion so eloquently.