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Toronto wedding photographer Danijela Pruginic captures intimate and natural moments of your big day.

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To this day I remember seeing the images come to life right in front of my eyes in the little basement darkroom my dad built for us many moons ago.  It really was like magic!

Photography has been my creative conduit for nearly 20 years now.  I've shot commercially, fashion, and even art over the years.  But no matter what field I'm in, for me it's always been about the heart in the art.  Not surprisingly this has led me to weddings.

Sometimes I wonder why capturing moments is so important. I think it may have something to do with how fast our world is changing, on the grand level, but also personally.  I just wouldn’t want any of those moments to be gussied up and made to be something they are not.  I guess I’m sort of a purist.

photo by Shlomi Amiga

photo by Shlomi Amiga

Instead of telling you how much I love chocolate, and whether I prefer coffee or tea (the answer is simple, duh) and how nature makes me feel alive, I'll share top 3 things I've learned in almost a decade of capturing people in love:

  1. People hate posing, more than going to the dentist!  So we won’t do that.  We’ll take the time to connect and create a space where you are more comfortable being yourself.
  2. People don’t want to look cheesy.  So that includes jumping in the air, making hearts with hands and other such marvelous ideas of humiliation.  I guarantee that won’t happen here!
  3. People want their guests to have a fun and stress-free day.  I know, what a crazy revelation, but you’d be surprised how often guests are overlooked.  So we’ll do that by having a schedule that breathes and a photographer that blends.

And when words escape me (which is pretty often), I think about that scene in Dirty Dancing when Johnny is teaching Baby how to dance, and she's fumbling and stepping all over his toes.  He takes her hand in his and puts it over his heart and says "It's a feeling, a heartbeat".  That's what's at the essence of what I capture, that feeling that makes your heart go ka kung.

Warning though, I am prone to indulging bad puns and dad jokes (with a hint of sarcasm).  So if you can handle that, give me a ring!!