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2015 in review


With the new year just a few hours away in this time zone, it's hard not to think about the passage of time.  When you are a kid, time seems to go by so slowly.  You can hardly wait to get bigger and do all those things you dream about.  Then it starts to speed up, with every new accomplishment and achievement.

For me, time really seemed to move faster the year I got married, and then even more after I became a mother.  Now I feel like it's just a blur, moments and memories passing by before I can even really appreciate them. Which only makes me that much more grateful to be so instrumental in preserving peoples memories at one of the more important times in their lives.  As hard as it is to run your own business and have a family life, I wouldn't trade this profession for anything!

Thank you to all the amazing souls whose stories I got to witness this year; you have all brought much light and happiness into my life!  Thank you to the amazing people whom I got to work with this year to bring the couples visions to life: my amazing second shooters, the planners, the florists, and a whole slew of other individuals working behind the scenes.  And mostly, thank you to my family for supporting, loving, and giving me space to do the things I love. 

Hope time slows down enough tonight for you all to enjoy and cherish the moments with each other.  Here's to a great new year filled with many more memories of love and togetherness!!