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Meet the.....wedding planner

This woman is a powerhouse!  Not only is she a wedding planner that really stands out in the crowd, but she is also a talented singer and runs a band that you can hire for weddings or other events.  What really struck me when I saw her workspace is that she is not afraid of colour, which I think is also pretty evident in her work.  I also love the fact that she and her team of busy bees make a lot of the props and things for her clients.  She is also is a big fan of two of my favourite things, vintage and gold, gold, gold!!!  If you hire Lynzie to help you with your wedding plans, you can rest assured that she will work hard to make your day a truly unique and true-to-you day!  And, if you're lucky, you may be greeted by her furry receptionist, Gizmo, aka cutest pup ever! 

For more inspiration check out her website, as well as her post on this shoot (with some different shots).  And don't forget to catch her answers to my mini-questionnaire below the photos (she gives some great advice, and also a pillow fight at midnight at a wedding - oh yeah!!!).

How did you get started?

When I was 16, I started singing lead in a corporate event/wedding band and that was my first introduction to the event industry.  After about 3 years of being solely a performer, I started to work as an entertainment coordinator at events.  I saw weddings as an opportunity to melt my creative and organizational sides, so 4 years ago, I embarked on a journey into the wedding industry and haven't looked back.  I worked with some amazing people that have offered me a ton of support (Pearl Bridal House, Yuk Yuk's, God Made Me Funky) in learning this craft!

What inspires you?

Music.  Colour.  Vintage everything and travel.  Strong women.  Romance.  I'm currently finding a lot of inspiration in old vinyl record artwork, bold ethnic patterns, the 1970's and a return to a more authentic lifestyle.  I love hearing my couples' love stories - their bashful smiles when describing their proposal stories or wedding aspirations always excite me.  Music remains a constant inspiration in my life and the lives of many couples I work with so I always try to find unique ways to incorporate it.

Can you give one piece of advice to a potential client?

Can I give two?  Be mindful of your family's desires for your wedding, but make decisions that ultimately make you happy.  If that means a black tie dress code or a pillow fight at midnight, then so be it.  This is your ONE CHANCE to throw your ultimate dream bash.  And two, make sure the bar is very close to the dance floor and it'll keep people dancing.