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I'm sure you've heard it before - print your photos, don't let them sit on the computer!!  And while I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, over the years I have seen a rise in poor quality album printers.  In an effort to get something printed, people may opt out for a cheaper version only to find the album falling apart at the seams.  And often the album design becomes dated as these cheaper companies rely on templates that don't allow for much customization.

The way I see it you have basically two options. 

First (and potentially cheaper) option is to actually print a bunch of 4x6 photo prints and then manually put them into a nice book that you can find at any decent art store.

The second option: enter this beauty of an album!!  I have used the same company for almost 5 years now and these albums always look great!  The pages are nice and thick so creasing is never an issue, and it allows for across-the-spread design.  The design is done in house and its clean and modern look will last for many years.  But the thing I love the most about these albums is the printing and the super matte paper.  The fine art paper not only preserves the memories but it also elevates the photos into art.  I get excited every time I send one of these beauties to a client! 

This one is an album I made for the studio of a wedding that was recently featured on The Wedding Co.  You can also check out more photos from this gorgeous wedding in the Galleries section, under Amalia + Eric.