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jade + kevin – downtown Toronto engagement photos


"I don't usually like being photographed" said Jade about halfway through the shoot. I was shocked! She seemed so comfortable and easy in front of the camera. I realized later that it was really the trust we built together that made it seem so effortless.

We started the shoot at their home, where they spend a lot of time together. It was loud and busy just outside, but inside and high above the crowds, it was quiet and comfortable.

This was such a great start because it let us all just ease into it. 

We followed up by a stop at their favourite pizza place. As I was photographing them, the people walking by would pause and say “How sweet!”, and my favourite “Wow, this looks so natural!”. By the time we got to the park, we hardly noticed anyone else!

It's obvious that the shoot should be comfortable, but for me the trust has to start way before the shoot. If we get a chance to work together, we will also get a chance to know each other, and to trust one another. And quite possibly make a new friend :)