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Megan + Evan - creative shoot at the AGO


Last year I really wanted to add a bit more fun and play into my work life so we dreamt up an idea where we were free to do anything we wanted.  We didn't want the shoot to be overly wedding inspired, since that is a topic widely explored.  But instead we invited a real life couple to one of my favourite places in the city, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and created a dreamy, floral infused setting for them to play in and explore.  Gorgeous Megan, who is a talented local singer (her voice will transform you) and her hunk of a fiance Evan (now husband) were also partially our inspiration for this.  Jordana from White Oak Flower Co created all the floral pieces which were such a huge part of this shoot.  My good friend Pascal Alhani did the styling for us, and Maggie Ng was on make up and hair duty (love that braid).  All in all, the culmination of all that creative spirit inside an art gallery was just the thing I needed to feed my creative desires.  I hope you enjoy our labours.

PS:  I would be remiss not to mention the dresses!  The beautiful green dress is by Darling London from Victoire, and the gorgeous long white dress is from Rue De Seine from Loversland.