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Toronto wedding photographer of unique, hip and intimate celebrations, capturing natural, candid moments in a fine art style.


Hey sugar, take a walk on the wild side

If you are someone who believes that a moment becomes a memory when it's felt, and you'd rather have memories than awkward poses to look back on, then read on lover!



for daydreamers and hopeless romantics

for those who believe that an image is worth a thousand words

for eccentrics and rebels; the ones who believe that love lives in imperfections and ordinary everyday moments

you know that even though this is about today, the day you get married, it's really about yesterday and tomorrow




They say I laugh a lot.  I think I cry a lot.  I think emotions are good.

After 10 years of photographing lovers all over the place, I have learned that the subtle moments and stolen glances are where the magic lives.

I live for art and lead with my heart, indulging in imperfections and nostalgia.

Oh, and flowers, always flowers.

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