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love letters

Clients share their love for their wedding photography captured by Danijela.

Love Letters


I thought there was a rule that you're not allowed to make people cry while they're on their honeymoon.

These are stunning.   We are without words.

Danijela is an artist and a romantic. Who better, than somebody with Danijela's creativity and passion to capture the joy in the air on the most romantic day of your life? Her ability to capture the most fleeting of moments and imbue them with so much meaning and memory is second to none, and her clear dedication to the medium of photography is evident in every snap. On the business side, she's as professional as can be. Responsive, communicative, generous. On the personal side, she's the kind of person you can hang out with for hours, over a bottle (or two) of wine, without even realizing the time has flown.

I have seen a lot of wedding photos; they are often just that: photos. What Danijela creates is a work of art. That's why we initially felt her gravitational pull, and it's ultimately why we are overjoyed with the memories we'll be able to relive with every flip of our wedding book. Do yourself a favour and get in touch with Danijela - she'll delight and amaze you, and may even pleasantly surprise you, too!

Sharon & Jon


These pictures are unbelievable, they make me laugh and cry at the same time!

"Danijela’s style of photography immediately caught our eyes – it’s artistic, moody, romantic, and raw.

Danijela captures very authentic human moments rather than just looking for the perfect pose. My husband and I commented on how the emotions of the day immediately rushed back when we got our gallery. It was akin to viewing a beautiful romantic movie unfolding before our eyes.

Beyond her beautiful photographic style, her personality is just the best! For both our engagement session and wedding day we felt so comfortable around her, so for anyone who feels a bit camera shy she is the person to quell all anxieties. She provided very subtle guidance and created a fun and easy-going environment during the shoots. My wedding guests even commented on her expert style, how she stealthy captured shots without you even realizing that she was taking them.

With Danijela, we always felt like her number one priority, she was organized, professional, kept us informed of timelines, and most importantly asked all the right questions to ensure that our day was captured just as we had imagined it. We recommend her from the bottom of our hearts. xoxo"

Aneta & Fahad

OMG. You are MAGIC!!!!!!!!!! There just aren’t words. Thank you. My goodness thank you!
— s+b


Tears were shed and laughs were had while we sat on the couch together and admired your work.

I don't know how to put the magnitude of our gratitude into words.

Marco and I looked at all the photos last night and we were absolutely blown away. Tears were shed and laughs were had while we sat on the couch together and admired your work.

We could not ask for anything more, you captured our wedding day perfectly and we can't wait to share the gallery with our family and friends. Every single picture you took is so lovely, tasteful, artistic, fun, raw, unique, and all around f***ing awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Katie & Marco


I cried because the pictures are so gorgeous and they're exactly how I remember the day and exactly how I always want to remember it!

My husband Craig and I cannot find enough good things to say about Danijela. She made the effort to meet with us well before our wedding to get to know us and our story. She was incredibly helpful and thorough in assisting us with our timeline for the photos on the day of.

When the day finally arrived it was an absolute torrential rain storm but her positivity and enthusiasm kept our spirits high. She made us and our friends and family feel so comfortable and this shows in the quality of the photos she took for us as they are natural and candid and genuine.

When we received her slideshow everyone thought the same thing, which was that it was such a perfect and accurate representation of the love and joy and fun we had on our day and her photos are exactly how I will always want to remember it. She's a great person and a very talented photographer who we were lucky to have as a part of our day. There aren't enough stars in the world to reflect how exceptionally pleased we are and how highly we recommend her.

Meredith & Craig

They’re exactly what we wanted; dreamy, us, different, NOT BORING! You truly captured ‘the moments’, not just cookie cutter, posing crap!
— g+b


These photos will literally be cherished forever.

The photos are absolutely stunning - even better than I could ever have imagined! I quite literally couldn't stop looking at them last night. Eric and I sat together and slowly looked at each one in detail, remembering the day as you so perfectly captured it. I then spent the rest of the night flipping back through the photos, over and over again, trying to pick out my favourite but there are far too many to pick just one.

Thank you so much for your beautiful work. These photos will literally be cherished forever.

Amalia & Eric


Oh my god, those pictures! They are so fantastic Danijela, thank you so much!

The experience of working with Danijela for our wedding and engagement was extraordinary. She made us feel so at ease during a time that is lovely but can be very stressful! She was discrete but also gave us soft and subtle guidance, which is an important combination. She helped to bring out in us what was already there, naturally.

The depth of the quality her photos conveys that she truly understands what is important in a wedding photographer: that these moments are captured when the emotion is so authentic and so loving that now when we look back at our photos the memory is more than what the dress and space looked like but rather what each moment felt like, which is so easy to forget.

Sasha & Chris

I wish I could sit and chat with you as I go through the pics because I just want to tell you how much some of the moments mean to us.
— b+s


We had so much fun looking through all the photos last night - Brian even teared up a little :)

We loved working with Danijela and are very happy that she photographed our wedding. For us it was a private & intimate event and she was the perfect fit for our style and the way we wanted to capture our day. We're both camera shy but she made us feel very comfortable and was so unobtrusive that we barely noticed her snapping away. The images she produced are also what we wanted - natural, relaxed, thoughtful, and fun. She's a great storyteller and we loved how she paid attention to all the little details of the day.

Meg & Brian