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With an emphasis on building relationships and trust, you will get the moments that are most meaningful to you. 

APPROACH & style

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You’re about to leave the room, but you sneak back for one more look in the mirror.  Does everything look good?  Are the flowers in hand?  Is your best friend ready with your emergency kit and all the things you’ll need for the day?  Better pack those tissues.  You’re not sure who’s going to need them more, you or your dad.  Time to go.

However you arrived at this moment, we’re about to witness magic.  Perhaps there is a better way to describe what happens when two people commit in the presence of the ones who love them most, but time and time again, to me it feels like magic, with a side of mystery.


So, how do we capture something that is so hard to put into words in the most natural and honest way, but with beauty and grace? 

Well, let’s start with a few basics:

  1. Experience – Prior to shooting weddings for almost a decade, I worked in fashion photography, where the emphasis on beauty remains ingrained in my bones.  Let me quote Danielle, a past bride: “She made me feel stunning from beginning to end.”
  2. Trust – Running a photography business for 16 years means I have insurance, back-up gear, and back ups for back ups so that this is never a worry for you.  I will even have snacks for you on the wedding day if you get hungry.
  3. My mom thinks I’m great – ok, that’s not really a valid reason, but I love my mom.

 But the real answer lies in what Sasha, a past bride, and now a friend, had to say about our experience together: She helped to bring out in us what was already there, naturally. The depth of the quality of her photos conveys that she truly understands what is important in a wedding photographer: that these moments are captured when the emotion is so authentic and so loving that now when we look back at our photos the memory is more than what the dress and space looked like but rather what each moment felt like, which is so easy to forget.” 


  • We will have many conversations, we will talk about what matters the most to you; the whole process revolves around you.  After all, it is YOUR wedding day, and not my photo shoot.
  • You will have the space to be comfortable and yourself.  There will be no requests for awkward poses you’d never do in real life.
  • When your sister embraces you with a teary smile, the moment will be captured without you even knowing I was there.
  • My wedding day was one of the hardest things I have done up to that point in my life, I totally get it!  If you need help with any of the million little things that come up while planning this big party, I’m here.
  • Your photos won’t look like everyone else’s or the same thing you see over and over on Pinterest.  Being involved in arts (at one point with an artist collective), it has encouraged me to try new creative approaches.
  • I’ve fallen into bushes, stood in a lake and crawled under grape vines to get the perfect shot.
  • As you’re saying your vows, the only thing your aunt will see is your excited smiles, and not the back of my head.  The people at your wedding are precious to you, so I treat them like the guests of honour that they are.
  • Photography trends are not my guides, because, let’s be honest, when is that ever a good idea?
  • The photos are a genuine, unexpected and graceful representation of your day and your people.  After all, there is real magic in this day.




This may not be for everyone, but if you see yourself in this picture, let’s connect!  I love good coffee, great conversation and hearing what really gets you fired up.  Drop me a line here!