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I received a panicked voicemail the other day.  It was one of my past brides asking if I had her wedding photos backed up somewhere.  Of course I do, not just in one place, but in three.  But the point of her call was that she was going to print some of her wedding photos (more than a year later) and her USB key wouldn't read. 

We know technology is only somewhat reliable, but prints will last longer than you and I will. 

You could let your wedding photos live on the USB key or on your computer (hopefully both).  Or you could print some of your favourites right now and share the love with all those that were there to witness your day.

Your files have all been lovingly retouched and prepared for printing anywhere, they are ready to go.  However, if you let me take care of the printing for you, as a little token of appreciation, I offer 20% off any print order made during the first month after you receive your wedding files.  You can use the code as many times as you want, and your loved ones can also use it, as often as they like.  Just type in PRINTLOVE under coupon code and the amount is automatically reduced.

Happy printing!!


Set your photos free!

Use code PRINTLOVE to receive 20% off your print order.

Things to remember:

  • purchase prints through your online gallery (link sent with the slideshow)
  • use the code PRINTLOVE unlimited amount of times and unlimited amount of people for 1 month after receiving the wedding files to get 20% off your order(s)
  • code expires 1 month after receiving the files
  • minimum purchase of $20 required
  • I am here to answer any and all of your questions hello@danijelaweddings.com