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Coriander Girl - Flora Fridays


Last year Now magazine named Coriander Girl as the Best Florist in their annual Best Of Toronto issue.  If you know the work of this hardworking bunch of talented ladies, you would not be surprised in the least.  If you ask any florist, they'd tell you that Alison, the owner and head lady of Coriander Girl, is kind of a pioneer in the Toronto florist industry.  She introduced beautiful natural style of floral arrangements when the norm was more of a big round ball type.  She breathed new life into the industry and has opened my eyes to what's possible!

I have been lucky enough to have photographed some of her earliest wedding work, and watching her grow and expand has always pushed me to do more in my own business.

When Amira, who is the head florist of the Coriander Girl Toronto wedding studio, asked me to photograph an arrangement she made that would be published in Now magazine, I was there in a heartbeat.  These are some of my favourite shots from that day.  Amira has a background in fine arts so it is no surprise these look like paintings!  These ladies inspire me so much!