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Meet the.....florist

If you've met Lisa Collins from Sweet Woodruff even once, you know what a sweet and elegant lady she is.  Her arrangements are so soft, delicate and beautifully romantic yet striking and modern at the same time.  I've been lucky enough to capture some of her work last year through some of my weddings.  Below are just a few sneak peeks.

I hope I get to feast my eyes on many more gorgeous creations this year!!!

While visiting her beautiful store last year, I also got to meet the rest of her awesome team.  Here are some photos from my visit.  Please visit their website for a lot more info and more gorgeous photos of flowers!  I forgot to bring my little questionnaire with me when I met with Lisa but check out her responses to some similar questions from her website below.

What was your first job?

I got my first job at 14 and it was actually working in a flower shop!  So, I fell in love with flowers and design from an early age.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere!  I love just wandering in the city and people watching.  I pour through magazines and design blogs.  I love traveling and seeing new and different things.  When creating floral designs I take a lot of my inspiration from nature, fashion, interiors and new trends in design.


How would you describe the people who buy flowers from you?

Someone buying flowers from me is looking for something beautiful.  They are someone who loves a modern take on a vintage aesthetic.