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meet the.....florist

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with flowers!  In my other life I must have been a florist.  So, of course, that means that I have to make friends with every florist in town, and boy, am I glad I got to meet Becky from Blush and Bloom!  This woman is so vibrant and vivacious and her studio space is such a perfect expression of her as a person and her super creative floral arrangements.  The space, which is designed by the amazing Tiffany Pratt, is like an explosion of floral, gold, colour and pattern, mixed in with all kinds of vintage finds put together in such fun and creative ways; you won't want to leave because there are so many fun things to look at and explore!

It is kind of like her arrangements; so unique and original, yet beautiful and vibrant.  You simply can't look away because you keep seeing flowers that you thought would never go together, yet somehow she makes them live together in total beauty and harmony.

Feast your eyes on this amazing space, as well as some blooms from a wedding we had together last year.  Don't forget to read Becky's answers to my mini-questionnaire below the photos!

How did you get started?

I applied at a flower shop multiple times and was hired as a delivery driver at the age of 18.  Eventually I started designing and moved my way up from there.  I briefly worked at a Greenhouse at age 15 growing up and loved it.

What inspires you?

nature, people, music, colour palettes, art and people's work, styles of design

Can you give one piece of advice to a potential client?

Trust the professionals.  We work so hard to do what we do.  If we are good at it, you shouldn't feel nervous or stressed that we won't "bring it".  We just want to make you happy.  Help us help you!